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Recent Blog Articles

Why I Love Trees (Apr 19, 2014)
Trees are tree-mendous! I’ve always loved trees, from the time I built my first tree house at age 12. (Definitely not OSHA approved, but hey, we survived).  So this Friday (the last Friday in April)  is one of my favorite … Continue reading

Gardening by the Numbers (Apr 15, 2014)
Plant one row of turnips: Turnip the music and dance. Plant two rows of lettuce: Lettuce be kind Lettuce be true Plant three rows of peas: Peace of mind Peace of heart Peace of soul. Plant four rows of squash: … Continue reading

Dead Spruce Tops? (Apr 14, 2014)
If you noticed the tip of your spruce tree wilt last year, and then turn brown and die, you were likely the victim of White Pine Weevil. This insect mainly attacks young spruce trees under 10 feet tall, but occasionally … Continue reading

Winter Damage on Evergreens (Apr 10, 2014)
Although the eastern half of the country experienced one of the hardest winters in years, here in east Idaho our winter seemed fairly mild. So why are we seeing browning of needles on so many of the evergreens around town? … Continue reading

Fragrance in the Garden (Apr 9, 2014)
I don’t know if this is true for most people, but oftentimes a sound or a scent will bring back a memory for me even more than a sight. Today I was walking past the petunias in the greenhouse and … Continue reading

Mason Bees- A Gardener’s Best Friend (Apr 1, 2014)
The Blue Orchard Mason Bee, technically known as Osmia lignaria, is truly a gardener’s best friend. One of Nature’s best pollinators, each one is able to do the pollinating work of 120 honeybees!  And mason bees are active in cooler … Continue reading

2014 Seminars

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Classes are held on Saturdays at Town & Country Gardens (both stores unless indicated). Bring a friend! Cost is $3.00 per person per class or $2.00 per person if you bring a friend.

  Jan 01 10:00 AM All classes subject to change without notice.
  Apr 19 10:00 AM Porch Pots & Hanging Baskets
Learn how to design and plant a pot or hanging basket that will add color to your landscape all season long. Discover new varieties of flowers that will make your planters distinctively different and beautiful.
Idaho Falls Only Apr 26 10:00 AM Organic Gardening and Companion Planting
We all want to keep our planet and our families healthy and happy. Learn about living soils and the whys and hows of sustainable gardening for safe and flavorful harvests.
Idaho Falls Only May 03 9:00 AM Growing and Using Herbs
Growing your own fresh herbs for cooking is one of the hottest trends in gardening today. Herbs can also offer a safe and natural way to help improve our health and happiness. Come join with us and learn how.
Idaho Falls Only May 10 9:00 AM Growing Roses in Idaho
Growing roses can be one of the most rewarding things you can do in the garden, especially in our harsh climate. Discover the secrets of variety selection, feeding, pruning, pest control, and winter protection.
Idaho Falls Only May 17 9:00 AM Gardening in Small Spaces
Learn how to grow lots of produce even when you dont have room for a big garden. Vertical gardening, sequential cropping, container gardening, and compact variety selection will all be discussed.
Idaho Falls Only May 24 9:00 AM Totally Tomatoes
The art of growing tomatoes from start to finish. Variety selection, fertilizing, pruning, soil amending, staking, mulching, watering, disease control, and harvesting. Heirloom vs. hybrid vs. grafted comparison.
Idaho Falls Only May 31 9:00 AM Miniature Gardens-Make and Take (Additional Fee)
Think small. Transform a tray and a collection of small-scale plants into an enchanting landscape. From the teeny-tiny benches and chairs to itty-bitty gazebos and patios, miniature gardens are da bomb.
Idaho Falls Only Jun 07 9:00 AM Perennials with Pow
Learn how to create an ever changing perennial garden with colorful surprises all season long, year after year. Exciting new trends and varieties for sun and for shade will be shown and discussed.
Idaho Falls Only Jun 14 10:00 AM Fruit Trees in Small Spaces
Want a fruit tree or two, but just dont have the room? Learn how to train fruit trees on a fence, or plant two trees in one hole for double the fun, or plant a miniature tree in a pot on the patio.
Idaho Falls Only Jun 21 10:00 AM Summer Lawn Care
The heat of summer can be a stressful time for your lawn. Learn what you can do, and when, to keep your lawn looking great all summer long. Feeding, watering, weed and pest control will all be addressed.
Idaho Falls Only Jul 26 10:00 AM Preserving your Harvest
Preserve your harvest and enjoy the fruits of your labor for months to come. Learn about drying, freezing, and root cellar storage of fruits and vegetables. Demonstrations and samples of fresh salsa, veggie juice.
Idaho Falls Only Aug 23 10:00 AM Seed Saving and Storage
Seed saving can be a rewarding and cost saving way to garden, and a way to ensure a continuous supply of seed in times of disaster& but beware of the pitfalls.
Idaho Falls Only Sep 27 10:00 AM Winterizing your Yard
Learn how to protect your tender roses, fruits, trees, shrubs, and flowers from harsh winter weather. Fall lawn care will also be addressed.

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