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Recent Blog Articles

Save-a-Tree- It’s Not Just For Trees! (Jul 3, 2014)
Can you “cure” a sick tree by improving the soil? It seemed like a far-fetched idea 20 years ago when Jos Zamzow started giving customers at his Boise, Idaho nursery a brown liquid organic fertilizer in used two-liter soda bottles. The product was so … Continue reading

Create Your Own Tropical Paradise (Jul 2, 2014)
Living in Idaho can seem a long way from the tropics, especially during our long, cold winters. But why not bring a bit of the tropics to your patio for the summer. Colorful tropical vines, like the Mandevilla (above) or bougainvillea, … Continue reading

Dwarf Conifers (Jun 28, 2014)
When we first got into the garden center business over 50 years ago, our top three selling shrubs were Tam Juniper, Pfitzer Juniper, and Mugo Pine. Throughout the 60′s and 70′s  thousands of junipers and mugos were planted throughout east … Continue reading

Early Broccoli (Jun 28, 2014)
Broccoli is a crop that is easy to grow, but difficult to keep free of damaging insects- the cabbage looper caterpillar in particular. Someone told me that if you plant early enough, and harvest early enough, you won’t have worms. The theory … Continue reading

Horticultural Trip to China (Jun 21, 2014)
On May 18th this year I started out on the trip of a lifetime. I flew out of Idaho Falls to Beijing China on a trip with about 25 others to visit horticulture universities, research facilities and businesses in China. … Continue reading

My New Favorite Weeding Tool (Jun 7, 2014)
Sometimes simple is better. In fact most of the time simple is better. And it couldn’t be more true than when it comes to gardening tools. A number of years ago a friend of mine told me that she had … Continue reading

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